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11 reasons to choose the services of the training and hotel center DOBROVODSKÝ

  • because we like to welcome all dogs in our training and hotel center regardless of their size, breed, age or nature (we also work with dogs that are asocial, aggressive or otherwise problematic)
  •  because the staff of the center is experienced kynologists with years of experience in sport, police and rescue kynology
  • because prices correspond with the quality of provided services, regardless of the breed, size, age or weight of the dog, but by its behavior and care
  • because although it is good to start with a puppy’s upbringing, we also know that it is never too late to start bringing up even dogs of higher age
  • because every dog that is mentally healthy is manageable and educatable, and we know how to manage
  • because we always keep in our minds that your four-legged pets you entrust to us are members of your families
  • because our employees are constantly educated in kynology and are involved in conferences and courses (for example, Dorn’s method including banking, Breuss massages, psychotherapy, etc.)
  • because the Center is having long-term cooperations with the best vets’ clinics in Trnava and Bratislava
  • because we cooperate with our competitors correctly, we share experience and knowledge in meetings, in case of our occupancy we can recommend an adequate substitute solution for a verified provider of such services
  • because we are in touch with clients through a mobile communications application where clients receive regular information about trainings, weather, news, and more. Members of this community share information about their pets, photos and videos
  • because in case of a need we are able to provide the clients with the references